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Techs: How to Get Experts to Divulge Priceless Information

Techs: How to Get Experts to Divulge Priceless Information


Want to know how to get experts to spill the beans on all their marketing secrets? The answer is simple. Are you sure you want to get the experts to tell you priceless information?  Well, people love talking about themselves. Most experts are really nice people. Ask and you will receive. It’s simple as that.

If they’re an expert and they’re supposedly making all this money, I’ll ask them specifically how much they make, how many names do they have on their mailing list? I’ll go for the good money information that people really want to know. You don’t want to be afraid to ask this kind of stuff. They may not tell you and that is ok. But you should ask because some will tell you and that is a money question that you want to own. One great interview can make you lots of money and make you well known.

You doing the interview, you’re doing what the listener wished they would do, or maybe are afraid to do. So, you’re really their voice, and they may fantasize about asking the guy how much he’s really making or really grill him, but he’d be too afraid to ask. You’ve got to do that for them. That makes your interviews valuable, and you’re doing them a service. You’re asking the experts the stuff that he’s afraid to ask, and they can just listen in as a voyeur. This is what people want. They want to be in on all the infor but they also want to be not known. They want to be on the sidelines. So the next time you want to get good information in an interview, shut your mouth and listen.

Source by Michael Senoff

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