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Techs: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – The Starting Point

Techs: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – The Starting Point


How do you get started with search engine marketing (SEM)? This is a question asked by most people soon after setting up a website or writing down a plan for an online business. It is also a pressing question for brick and mortar businesses who know they need to start advertising online to remain competitive.

The answer for most people will be a company offering search engine marketing services. This isn’t what most people want to hear because they want to do their own marketing to save expenses, but the fastest way to get started is to hire someone who already knows what needs to be accomplished.

This allows for fast results which most businesses want. Those who want to do their own search engine marketing in the future can take steps to learn the field on their own and eventually wean themselves off of the search engine marketing service. This gives the fast results they need for a successful business while eventually cutting the expense of paying the professional.

Of course, the financial savings is traded with an investment of time. SEM does take time when done correctly.

Those who do not have the money to invest in a SEM professional at the start can take the following tips to start learning the field on their own. This will bring slower results and mistakes may be made along the way, but anyone with consistency and the time to invest will be successful:

1. Learn about search engine optimization (SEO) first and get that started immediately. This is a free way to draw attention to a website or blog, but it takes some time to really get started and pay off. If possible, learn about this and start implementing it before you even purchase the domain name for your site.

2. If you have money to invest in paid search engine marketing you should consider investing it in a professional SEM provider instead. This is because paying for your placement in the search engine results pages (SERPs) can get expensive and there are some very costly mistakes that are often made. It can be cheaper in the end to let a professional handle the bidding.

3. Once you master the art of on-page SEO and get all of your websites and blogs set up with basic keywords, it is time to start learning about off-page SEO. Start with link building and go from there, since that is a big part of the search engine marketing process.

4. Establish an active presence on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Search engine marketing and social media marketing can work hand-in-hand and feed right into one another if you do it properly.

5. Never assume anything. If you aren’t completely sure about how to do something or whether to do something, find the answers before you do it. While most mistakes will not doom your business to failure they can cost you money and lots of time.

Time is everything in search engine marketing! It does take some time investment to really get things and continually see results, but this is the lifeline of your business and is worth every second you spend.

All new businesses should take the time to learn before jumping into search engine marketing. This is always the starting point, whether you hire a professional or take the time to learn on your own.

Source by Cheow Yu Yuan

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