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Techs: SEO: Google and Link Building

Techs: SEO: Google and Link Building


Link building has become one of the most important steps of off-page optimization of a website. The search giant Google gives a lot of importance to backlinks of a website, when ranking it in its results. In the 90s, the two founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, based their success on the belief that the pages cited with a greater number of links were the most important and valuable. This was the great breakthrough of Google, which forever changed the market research on the internet. In the eyes of Google, a link to a page is essentially a “vote” for its content.

In other words, a link expresses the desire on the part of the webmaster or a site owner, to quote a website as an important resource, marking it worthy of being visited by the users. The logical consequence of this assumption is that one of the main factors affecting the Google rankings is the number of links pointing to a site. However, the importance of a site is not entirely calculated on the quantity of links received. Google also considers the importance of the page of origin of the link. Links from some sites are considered to be more valuable than others.

It is theoretically possible to attain a better rank in Google than a competitor with a lesser number of links, if these links are of high quality. To calculate the importance of a page, and consequently the quality of a link, Google has devised a formula that is called PageRank, which is a “vote” from 0 to 10 and is assigned to each web page based on the number of backlinks that the page receives. The formula of calculating the PageRank of websites remained a secret for years and was later popularized by Google.

In simple terms the PageRank value of a page depends on the number of links it receives. If the number of links to a site is high, its PageRank value will also be high. Even though PageRank is not as popular as it was in the past, it is still an important factor in optimization of web pages for Google. In addition to considering the quantity and quality of inbound links, there are other factors related to the links that have an impact on organic search. Apart from being a “vote” of quality, the PageRank also serves as a source of thematic information for Google.

There are two factors that determine the value of each link pointing to a website: the theme of the referring page and the anchor text of the link. For an inbound link to have real value for a site, it will have to come from a page that is of the same theme as the site in question (or as relevant as possible). For the same reason, the anchor text, which is the word or words that form the link must be relevant to the theme that the website is dealing with. Otherwise the link will not be of any value to the site.

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