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Techs: Should You Hire PPC or SEO Services?

Techs: Should You Hire PPC or SEO Services?


This is a common question that haunts most of the businesses especially the startups. With PPC, there’s always a risk of investing your money. On the other hand, SEO entails long term activities that are essential to maintain or improve the search results of any company/brand.

Both being the foremost techniques of search engine marketing,are extremely important to establish a brand better. How? Let me exemplify this…

1. My profit

We all work to earn better and no wonder profit is the crux around which the entire business activities revolve. To earn better Return on Investment you need to drive more customers and for doing so, it is essential to have a strong digital presence. Now SEO being a long duration activity has the ability to entice more user traction. On the contrary, with a PPC campaign you can see the fruits of your labor only till the campaign last.

2. My rankings, my brand, my visitors

If you are aiming to be seen immediately amongst the top search engine rankers, then SEO is not for you. No doubt that SEO is long term investment for any business but it is usually a slow process. Your SEO agency may take around 3-6 months to help you rank with a certain set of defined keywords. But with PPC, it’s a different ball game altogether. The minute you launch your campaign, your PPC ads get displayed.

3. Apt time to begin your campaign

There’s actually no specific time for you to initiate your campaign. With PPC campaigns, you can always build a handsome little nest during festivals or the peak season. For example:- if you sell home-made chocolates, try and run your campaign around Christmas, New Year or other such occasions of grand celebrations. In contrast, optimization of your site should ideally start at the time your website is launched.

4. Success ratio

SEO campaigns can offer long lasting and steady results. Organic search engine techniques help you have more stable results vis-à-vis PPC ads which completely rely on the amount you have invested in running the campaign.

5. Easy customization

As soon as you launch your PPC campaigns, you can start evaluating its success. Suppose if you are unsuccessful in driving more traffic via a particular keyword, you can put your ads on hold with immediate effect and can replace that keyword with a more result oriented one.

This would ideally depend on factors like: -the search volume of that keyword, its quality score, relevance with the landing page, etc.

It would not be correct to say which of these techniques are beneficial for which domain of business but effective use of the same can lead to better brand presence.

Source by Vivek Merani

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