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Techs: Steps to Fix Runtime Error 480 – What to Do to Repair the "Cannot Create Auto-Redraw Image" Error

Techs: Steps to Fix Runtime Error 480 – What to Do to Repair the "Cannot Create Auto-Redraw Image" Error


Runtime error 480 is a big problem for people using the “DrillDown Viewer” application on Windows. It’s caused by a lack of resources (memory, video processing power, hard drive space, etc) and will stop your applications working when they need to use the DrillDown / Auto-Redraw functionality. This issue is mainly caused by Visual Basic applications, but can occur for any application as well. In order to fix the problem, you should use the tutorial on this page.

This error is caused by a lack of resources on your system, which prevents your PC from being able to process your commands. The Auto-Redraw functionality of an application takes up a lot of system resources, making it vital that you’re able to accommodate it onto your system. Fixing this error is actually relatively straight-forward if you know what you’re doing…

The first step to repairing this error is to close down any other applications other than the one you are looking to use with Auto-Redraw. This is very easy to do – you basically just need to load up the “Task Manager” by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE and then closing down any of the processes which are not related to the one you want to use. This will allow your computer to “focus” its resources onto the single program you want, making it run much faster.

After you’ve done that, it’s advisable that you clean out any junk files from your system to make room on your hard drive. Having “junk” files is actually one of the biggest reasons why Windows computers will run slower, because they basically cannot read the files they do need when there are a lot of junk ones in the way. To make sure this is a problem that you can resolve pretty easily, you should look to either use a junk file remover tool, or just go through your PC and remove any of the files which you don’t need or want.

Finally, you should also use a registry cleaner to fix the 480 error. This is an automated software tool which has been designed to scan through the “registry” of your PC and fix any of the errors that are inside it. The registry is a large database which stores vital settings that all Windows computers need to use to run, making it a very important part of your PC. Unfortunately, this database is also one of the biggest causes of problems for the typical Windows system, as it will continually save many of your system’s files in the wrong way. It’s recommended you use a registry cleaner to fix any of the files / settings that are damaged inside the registry database, which should fix the 480 runtime error if nothing else does.

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