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Techs: When Things Aren’t Adding Up In Your Life, Start Subtracting

Techs: When Things Aren’t Adding Up In Your Life, Start Subtracting


When things in your life start to go wrong, most people have a tendency to try to make things better by adding even more things into the mix in the vain hope that it will make their life simpler in some way. When you think about it, it all seems a little back to front really doesn’t it? When was the last time that adding things into the mix ever simplified anything? I honestly can’t remember, can you?

If you find yourself in a situation where things aren’t adding up in your life, maybe you should start subtracting things, rather than adding things into the mix in a view to simplifying the situation.

I have come to notice throughout my life that when we strip things back to their most basic elements, things tend to run an awful lot smoother, why should your life be any different?

The Nobel Prize winning Physicist Albert Einstein said that, “things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler”. Now that is some sage-like advice if ever I have heard it. Most things in life are far too complicated for their own good, don’t you think that if you made them less complicated, that your life would be less complicated too? I certainly do.

Strip away all the excess from your life that is surplus to requirements, get back to basics, cut away all the whistles and bells and get things back to the way they were, subtract the things that are hampering your progress and get your streamlined life back on track without all the distractions.

I am sure that once you start to subtract things from your life, rather than adding to your already cluttered life, that you will see your life getting simpler right before your very eyes. What are you waiting for? Start subtracting, to simplify your life today.

Source by Sean M Mantack

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